Helping separating parents to resolve disputes

Cut out paper familyWhen parents separate, it can have a devastating impact on children. Heightened emotions often cause arguments, and kids pick up more than we realise. This can lead to mental health issues, alcohol or drug misuse, problems at school and more. But knowing how to manage separation can improve life for everyone.

We want to create a new online tool to help separating parents to resolve disputes more easily. Our technology will empower people to make positive arrangements without having to go to court. The tool will give parents the support and resources they need to deal with conflict and reach agreements that put their children at the heart of their decision making.

This tool has the potential to change the lives of millions of children and parents across the UK giving them a positive way out of crisis. 

What's the Google Impact Challenge?

We’re in the running to receive a Google Impact Award worth £500,000. It would enable us to make this life-changing family support tool a reality.

With Google's support, we will help more separating parents to:

  • reach faster and fairer agreements around finances, housing and contact time with children
  • learn to do this in ways that minimise conflict in order to protect children
  • lay the foundations for co-operative parenting, so arrangements are sustained and both parents stay actively involved in children’s lives.

How can you help?

To make this essential tool a reality we really need your vote.  It only takes a minute, and your help will make a huge difference to children's lives. 

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Why Relate?

We've been working with couples and families for 75 years. We know that separation doesn't have to be damaging to children.

Our services for separating parents already help thousands of families to work together to make a better future for their children. Many parents feel isolated and confused about taking the difficult steps through separation. Winning a Google Impact Award would mean we can reach more people who need our help.

The voting ends on 30th July so please vote now.