Children are under increased pressure at school, home and from social media. If this is the case we're here to help

What is Children's counselling? 

Our face to face children’s counselling service is available for children between the ages of 5-12 (for older children, check out our young people’s counselling service). Children’s counselling might be offered to a child struggling with things like stress or anxiety, family change like a parental divorce, or academic pressure. To engage with children of this age the counsellors use play therapy with a variety of techniques such as story telling, sand tray work, puppets and creative techniques.

How to get Started?

Call us or Contact us to register
Once you have registered your child with us you will be offered an assessment session to speak to a counsellor on your own. This will help us to understand the difficulties your child is experiencing so that we can make sure we are the right agency to offer support longer term. 

When your child starts counselling

Once counselling starts your child will be offered 11 regular weekly sessions of up to 50 minutes each. There will be a session towards the end of counselling for you to meet with the counsellor.

When will counselling help?

Lots of children  who’ve come to see us have said counselling made them feel happier and better able to deal with their worries or problems. In some cases, it was even able to help them concentrate more on their schoolwork or improved their relationships with their friends and family

"thank you so much for pushing this forward, it is vital. Your charity has always stepped up to bridge a very significant and devastating gap."
a Relate supporter

Some of the issues children bring include:

  • Anxiety & stress
  • Lack of confidence
  • Bullying
  • Friendships
  • Social media pressure
  • Family change & breakdown
  • School transition
  • Bereavement

This Service is supported and funded by BBC Children in Need

This service is supported by BBC Children in need