Face-to-face and online counselling in Cambridge Peterborough, Newmarket, Stamford, Huntingdon, Melbourn and surrounding areas.

Families can be a source of support, encouragement, and love but sometimes relationships within families are put under strain and people can feel isolated or overlooked. When this happens we’re here to help.

What is Family Counselling?

If you’re having problems in your family life, there are lots of ways Relate can help you. 
Family Counselling helps you to understand and cope better with the stresses and strains of family life and reduce conflict and arguments.

How to get started?

Call us or Contact us to register. 
Once you have registered with us you will be offered an assessment session. 
This first appointment is likely to be offered to the family member who registered for the service. Following this, if ongoing counselling is agreed further  assessments sessions may be arranged for other members of the family. This way we are able to get a full picture of your situation.

When you start Counselling

Once you start Family counselling it will involve a series of regular weekly, 50 minute counselling sessions - anything between six and up to a maximum of 15 sessions, but it will depend on the issues you are experiencing. You will meet with a counsellor either individually, in small groups or as a whole family together. 

When will Family counselling help?

Family Counselling is a service for anyone you define as your family. 
You might be a parent who needs help with how a break-up might affect your family, or need help relating to your children or step-children. You might be a young person worried about your parents splitting up, or need a bit of help dealing with your parents. You might need help in your relationships with your brothers and sisters. 
If you’re having problems as a family whether as parents, grandparents, siblings or step children, Family Counselling can help the whole family to communicate better, and to understand and resolve differences. 

How much will it cost? 

The initial assessment process costs £75 per session for an online session and £80 for a face-to-face session, if ongoing counselling is agreed, each weekly session will cost £75 (online) and £80 (face-to-face). Funding and bursary information is available on our how much do we charge page

Some of the issues our clients bring include: 


  • Families going through change
  • Coping with relationship breakups
  • Step-families 
  • Siblings not getting on
  • Merged families
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Conflicts between family members 

Check-in Service 

Check out our new Check-in service

Sometimes it helps to know that once you have completed your counselling you can come back and talk to your counsellor again. That's where our new Check-In service will help. You can contact us between 1 and 6 months after you have completed your counselling and have up to 3 one-off 50 minute sessions with one of our counsellors. You might need to remind yourself of important conversations you had; or refresh your memory about strategies you learnt; or revitalize an aspect of your relationship that needs attention. 

Contact us to make an appointment. 

I am feeling much more positive about our relationship in adopting a child and building a family together.
Relate Cambridgeshire Client