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6 ways to cohabit peacefully with your partner

Moving in with your partner can be a great way of expressing your commitment to one another, but it comes with its own set of challenges too. If you’re thinking about moving in together – or you have recently – we’ve got a six tips to help...

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Relationship Counselling truth vs myth

5 of the biggest myths about Relationship Counselling

These days, people have a much better understanding of what Relationship Counselling is and what it involves than ever before. But there are a number of myths that continue to pervade around the subject that we think it’s important to...

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Jon Cruddas

Politicians don’t talk enough about love

In this excerpt from our new essay collection, Labour MP Jon Cruddas calls for the government to recognise the importance of relationships when it comes to decision making.

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Love locket

5 lies to stop believing about love

Love can be a wonderful thing. It can bring new meaning to your life and make you happy in ways you never thought possible. But love – or at least the idea of love – can also be a burden. Feeling like we’re not getting enough of it can...

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Man walking alone outdoors with umbrella

How to cope with loneliness

Our new survey of the nation’s relationships The Way We Are Now 2015 reveals that one in ten of us has no close friends - the same finding from our report last year.  Being lonely affects you in lots of ways. It can reduce your confidence...

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Phone with flirty messages

What’s an emotional affair?

An emotional affair is that grey area where you know you're more than just platonic friends with someone outside your relationship. There’s an emotional connection, an intimacy and often an attraction to each other - even if there is no...

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Families In Conflict

FAMILIES IN CONFLICT All families go through difficult times but when it is clear the disagreements can’t be resolved – we can offer the opportunity to meet with our Mediators in a safe, neutral environment. Our Mediators can work with the...

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