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Our team are responsible for the effective management and running of Relate London North East and North Essex. They're also here to give you the best possible service and provide you with the information and support you need.

Pamela Forsyth CEO

Pamela has delegated responsibility from the Board of Trustees for the strategic and operational management of Relate London North East and North Essex. 

Pamela has worked in the charity sector for over 21 years, bringing this experience to her role of CEO with us. Our area of operations covers one quarter of London, with all the diversity that the area brings, and Pamela oversees the development and smooth running of our services to meet the needs of this population. 

Lesley Kelsey, Service Delivery Manager

Lesley has worked in her current role for twelve years, and brings her expertise to ensure that the services we offer are run effectively and professionally, and that the staff teams are up to date with their on-going professional development.  She is also responsible for a number of specialist projects, which can vary from managing a team working with young people at risk of becoming gang members, to project managing an office move. 

Teresea McAllister, Mediation Manager

Teresea has worked for us for five years during which time she has seen major changes in the world of Mediation.   She is responsible for the mediation division which holds a Legal Aid Agency contract,  private mediation,  and managing a contract from Tower Hamlets local authority offering  mediation to homeless people in the borough. 

Clinical Supervisors and Practitioners (including trainers)

We currently have four clinical supervisors (Counselling), one Professional Practice Consultant (Mediation), and a team of 60 practitioners.

Finance and Administration

The unsung heroes of the organisation,  a team of two in finance, 12 administrators and four receptionists who underpin the smooth running of Relate London North East and North Essex.  

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