A home for love

The government recently published a white paper on housing. Out of curiosity, I searched the document for references to relationships: there is not one. Why does this matter? Well, just as relationships are crucial emotional foundations in...

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upset couple

New Year Resolutions

It’s that time once again when New Year Resolutions are in our minds. Sadly not all of these involve losing a few pounds or hitting the gym more regularly! January traditionally sees a rise in the numbers of people deciding that their...

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Parents with small baby

Separation and the Summer

As June rolls on many of us are thinking of the long summer ahead. Children everywhere will be counting down to that day in July when schools close for the 6 week stretch. For some children however this can be a time of anxiety and...

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Ask Ammanda

My husband of 42 years says he wants a sex change

A woman writes into Ask Ammanda saying she feels lost and betrayed after finding out her husband is considering a sex change

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Ask Ammanda marriage

I'm sick of marriage... and it's only been three months

A woman writes into Ask Ammanda saying her marriage to her husband has been a real disappointment - and it's only just started.

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girl sitting on kitchen floor picking up pieces of a broken plate.

New study shows 18% of married or cohabiting couples are in distressed relationships

The new research, published by Relate shows almost one in five married or cohabiting couples are in distressed relationships: that's 2.87 million people across the UK*.

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Relationships benefit our mental health: join us to campaign for investment in relationship support

Many of us know from our day-to-day lives the impact that relationships can have on our mental health – both good and bad. And at Relate we know from our clinical experience, as well as wider research evidence, that relationships are vital...

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