image of man hugging young woman

This week is national Carers Week and time to remember the outstanding contribution which carers make in supporting people with physical and mental health issues. Often carers give up much of their own life to ensure that the person they care for is always supported and that can take its toll. At Relate we see some carers who are struggling to cope with their responsibilities and who sometimes feel overwhelmed with guilt as a result. Often they do not tell anyone how they feel until things are at a crisis point.

If  you are a carer don’t forget It’s important to look after your own health so that you will continue to be the source of strength you need to be:

  • Make sure you take time out when you can for relaxation and physical activities. Even a short regular walk can make a big difference.
  • Try to talk through your own anxieties with someone too. Practical concerns are important but often a feeling of isolation is the biggest problem for carers. If the person you care for is unresponsive or you are unwilling to worry them with any of your concerns you will be carrying around those concerns and that is very stressful. If you need someone to talk to why not call our Live Chat line or call us to make an appointment for Telephone Counselling session.
  • Link up with one of the many local carer organisations offering support to carers along with practical help and advice .

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