Parents with small baby

As June rolls on many of us are thinking of the long summer ahead. Children everywhere will be counting down to that day in July when schools close for the 6 week stretch.

For some children however this can be a time of anxiety and uncertainty as they wait for the usual round of arguments and rows over holiday time - if mum and dad live apart.  

Relate has some tips for families to reduce the stress and strain which can spoil the summer holidays.

1. Be organised – try and check all school holiday dates ahead of time  - many people don't realise that in some cases, you need permission from the other parent or a court order before you can take a child abroad.

2. Try and communicate – consult each other about your plans if possible. Put something down on paper if it helps.  Whatever your differences you will always be parents and your children need you to remember this.

3. Try to be as fair as you can with your ex-partner, it’s difficult to keep everyone happy especially if there are step children included in the plans. Recognise that you may need to be flexible over arrangements. 

4. Try and include older children in the planning and discussions. Children who are involved are far more likely to tell you how they are feeling – we need to keep our children talking - it makes it easier to spot warning signs of depression and anxiety. 

5. Look after yourself – you may feel sad that the holidays are going to be different from now on. Learn to enjoy the time alone – this may make you feel guilty at first but your children will want you to be happy while they are not around.

If you find that you really can’t agree on plans for the summer contact us at Relate London North West. We can sit down, listen and work out with you a plan that suits everybody and most importantly is the best thing for your children.

Let the sun shine and the summer begin………

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