Armed Forces Covenant As part of an Armed Forces Covenant funding award that started in April 2017 for 3 years, we are proud to be able to offer selected services free of charge to serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families.

This funding is dedicated to provide additional services to complement the support work already being delivered by RNRM Welfare team, as part of the Armed Forces Coventant ‘Famillies in Stress’ Programme.

This service is exclusively for serving personnel that have been referred to us through RNRM Welfare Team, therefore only RNRM Welfare Team Social Workers can complete the below referral form.

Service options

Adult Relationship Counselling

Family Counselling

Young People's Counselling (11+) — If the parent is requesting support for the young person then they are named as lead contact. However young people can refer themselves without parental consent/awareness, and they can then complete as the lead contact.

Young Person Peer Group Workshop Course (experiencing poor emotional health and wellbeing, they may be socially isolated, experiencing and/or have experienced stressful life events, difficult family relationships, or experiencing poor behaviour).