We provide a range of services for couples, individuals and families across Sussex to help them with their relationships. Find out how we can help you here.

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Relationship Counselling

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Whether you're having problems in your relationship or you'd just like to understand your partner better, talking things through with one of our counsellors can make a real difference.

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Family Counselling

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If your family is going through a difficult time you might find it helpful to talk to a counsellor about what's going on.

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If you are separating or divorcing Family Mediation helps you and your ex partner make arrangements for your children, finances and property. 

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Sex Therapy

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If you'd like to talk to someone about how to improve or change your sex life, our therapists can help.

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Children and Young People's Counselling

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If you're not feeling like yourself or you're having problems at home or at school, counselling can help. Our counsellors will listen to your concerns and help you get back to enjoying life again.

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Counselling for carers

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If you're caring for a loved one and you'd like to talk to someone in confidence we offer free counselling sessions.

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Counselling for people living with a long term health condition

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Coping with a long term health condition can have have a big impact on you and your family - our counsellors can help support you.

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Frequently asked questions

If you've got questions about the cost of our services or you'd like to know what to expect in counselling you'll find all the answers here.

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