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If you're going through a difficult time in your relationship or want to be able to talk more openly with your partner, Relationship Counselling can help. 

Our counsellors work across Brighton and Sussex to provide a supportive, constructive and confidential environment in which you can think about problems and talk over ways to address them.

You can come to counselling if you're single, in a relationship, straight, gay, bi or trans. Whatever is worrying you - we can help. 

What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship Counselling offers you time and space to reflect on how you behave in relationships and helps you understand why you feel and respond the way you do. For couples it can also help you gain an understanding of your partner's behaviour and help you communicate better. 

Graham a Relate Counsellor explains what happens in Relationship Counselling in the video below. 

What sort of issues can Relationship Counselling help with?

There are lots of reasons why people decide to come for counselling - here are some common problems clients come to us with:

As a couple

  • “We seem to be arguing all the time and nothing gets resolved - we're going round in circles"
  • “We don’t talk anymore - sometimes I wonder if there is anything to say.”Â
  • “We are so unhappy and I can’t remember when it was any different.”Â
  • “My partner has had an affair and I can’t get over it.”Â
  • “We have had to cope with so much - cancer, financial problems, a death in the family, a house that is a building site - now we just sit in front of the TV and say nothing."
  • “I worry that the children never see us being kind to each other.”Â
  • “I don’t trust my partner.”Â
  • “We've decided to separate but can’t find the way forward.”Â
  • “Since we retired we have lost our way and now the future feels like a sad empty space."
  • “My partner seems depressed and we live under a dark cloud of negativity."

On your own

  • “My relationship has ended but I can't move on.”Â
  • “I never seem to be able to stay in a loving relationship.”Â
  • “I am afraid of always being on my own.”Â
  • “My partner has left me and I can't cope.”Â
  • “I have a sexual problem that stops me having a close relationship."
  • "I looked after my partner for years and now I am alone and feel empty."
  • "Now that I've retired, I feel isolated and depressed."
  • "My partner thinks there is nothing wrong and I'm so unhappy."

What happens in a counselling session?

After making an appointment, you'll be seen by a trained Relate counsellor at one of our venues in Sussex for an inital consultation. You can come alone or with your partner. The session lasts around one hour. 

In your first session, your counsellor will ask you questions about your relationship and what you hope to get from counselling. They might also ask you about any problems you're currently going through, when they started and what you would like to change. 

If you decide you want to continue with counselling, you'll then discuss with your counsellor what days and times would be best for you. You can also talk about the cost of your counselling. 

What kind of counselling you receive – and how long counselling continues – all depends on you and what you want to see change. 

How much does counselling cost?

We currently charge between £20 - £60 for an initial assessment depending on your income and number of dependent children. We can talk to you more about our charges when you get in touch.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment in Brighton, Worthing, Eastbourne, Haywards Heath, or Lewes please call 01273 697 997 or email

To book an appointment in Crawley, Chichester, Horsham, or East Grinstead please call 01293 657 055 or email

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