One Session Therapy

One session therapy is a service to support those who want to strengthen their relationships.

Launching a new service – One Session Therapy

What is One Session therapy?

One session therapy is a new service that gives clients the opportunity to spend one hour with a counsellor to work - in a very focused way - on one area of their relationship. It is open to individuals attending on their own or two people with a shared goal.

This approach needs to be focused on:

  • one change that you really want to achieve
  • being able to imagine what difference that change could make to you or your relationship
  • the one change being realistically achievable (including identifying obstacles that might get in the way) 
  • identifying the one or more steps that need to be taken
  • identifying your level of commitment

Here are some examples of what might be achieved in one session -

  • learning about empathy – what it means, how it can be shown, and what difference it could make to being able to communicate more effectively, 
  • learning how to listen to each other more attentively, 
  • experiencing the giving and receiving of appreciation and the difference it could make to the relationship, 
  • reaching an agreement about something that matters to the parties concerned, e.g., to spend quality time together on a regular basis, and perhaps negotiating regular evenings out together.

When One Session Therapy would not be appropriate where -

  • there are issues of abuse present in the relationship
  • more than one person has been booked to attend, but one or other party has come to the session against their will
  • you have a young child/baby for whom there is no childcare organised for the duration of the counselling session.

The fee for a 60 minute One Session Therapy is £90. Please contact us on 0300 003 2324 (option 1) to find out more or to book your One Session Therapy.