Sex Therapy

It can be hard to talk about sex. But discussing your sex life is the best way to make it better.

If you're concerned about your sex life or just want to be able to talk more openly with your partner about sex, Sex Therapy can help.

What is Sex Therapy?

Most people have a problem with sex at some point in their life. Sometimes dealing with these issues alone can cause distress and unhappiness. A sex therapist will help you work through your difficulties so that you can start enjoying sex again. 

Watch the video below, in which Paula, a Relate Sex Therapist and Counsellor explains what Sex Therapy is.

What sort of issues can Sex Therapy help with?

People come to Sex Therapy with many different concerns. These are some of the common issues our sex therapists deal with:

  • Having a different level of sex drive to your partner.
  • Getting stuck in the same routine.
  • Problems getting aroused.
  • Feeling you're not having enough sex.
  • Issues with premature or delayed ejaculation.
  • Difficulties with orgasm.
  • Painful sex.
  • Sexual addiction.
  • A lack of enjoyment or interest for one or both partners.

We help with a wide range of issues, including others not covered in the list above. Booking an appointment is the best way to find out what we can do for you. 

What happens in Sex Therapy?

In your first session, your therapist will ask you to talk about the issues you're experiencing, before deciding on the best way forward.

If you're in a relationship you may also explore if there are any unresolved tensions or communication issues that may be getting in the way. It's helpful if couples can attend together although you can go on your own if you prefer.

If Sex Therapy is considered appropriate, you'll begin to see your therapist regularly. They will give you a personalised plan of exercises for you and your partner to do in the privacy of your home.  

At your next session you'll discuss how you're getting on. You may feel a bit embarrassed or awkward at first but our therapists will put you at ease and support you throughout the process. 

What is the cost of Sex Therapy?

We are a charity and we don't make a profit from the services we provide. We charge a fee for Sex Therapy to cover the costs of the sessions.

Reduced fee for first counselling appointment for limited period

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone . At Relate in North West London, Herts, Bucks and Berks we have reduced the cost of our Initial Assessment meeting for relationship counselling to a discounted rate of £60. Our goal has always been to offer support to those in need and we feel by reducing our Initial Assessment cost we can offer our services to more people.

This discounted rate will only be available for a limited period so please get in touch with us to book an initial assessment as soon as possible.

Our standard fee for ongoing sessions after the initial assessment will remain at £92.

We're a charity and we don't make any profit from our services so we have to charge a fee for Sex Therapy. In certain circumstances we can offer reduced rates so please get in touch to discuss your options. 

To find out more about our charges read our FAQs.

Book an appointment

To find out more about Sex Therapy, and to arrange an appointment contact us via email or call Relate NTC on 0300 003 2324.