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Friday 13th September 2013

The Relationships Alliance published today a toolkit to help local relationship support managers, relationship educators and counsellors understand the changes in the NHS and the public health sector. By understanding the changes, the key forums to link with and the opportunities that the changes will bring for a more holistic approach to people's health and wellbeing, local relationships support providers will be able to more effectively promote their services.

This toolkit is the first of a series designed by the Relationships Alliance to develop the capacity of the local relationship support sector so that they are able to adapt to rapidly changing public policy. As Sue Burridge, Head of Policy and Research at Marriage Care, who researched the toolkit on behalf of the Alliance said,

"This period of change in the NHS, social services and public health provision which intends to focus on prevention and early intervention and has the freedom to commission services from charities offers relationship support providers a real opportunity to promote their services".

Our toolkit is available as a download.

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  • The Relationships Alliance, led by Relate, Marriage Care, OnePlusOne and the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, exists to ensure that good quality personal and social relationships are strengthened in policy and implementation.