Let's stay together

When it comes to couple relationships, our survey paints a happy portrait. Over two fifths of our respondents (43%) said their best relationship is with their partner, 87% of those with a partner said that their relationship is good and 50% said they rarely or never argue. 

50% said sharing problems is a top sign of commitment

It also highlights some interesting results about what we see as the signs of a serious relationship. 50% of respondents cited 'sharing problems' as one of their top three signs of commitment - higher than 'being in an exclusive relationship’ (44%) and even 'getting married' (39%).

Love on the rocks

While most of us say we’re happy in our relationships overall, this doesn’t mean they’re always plain sailing.

Of those in a relationship, one in ten (9%) said they argue with their partner most of the time, more often than not or all of the time and 15% said they regret being in their relationship occasionally, more often than not, most or all of the time. The top strains are money worries (24%), affairs (21%) and working long hours and lack of work-life balance (13%).

The Skype goodnight generation

Developments in technology have had a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives and our relationships are no exception.

84% of people under 35 who use technology to keep in touch with a partner on a daily basis said this had a positive effect on their relationship. One particularly interesting finding is that couples tend to have a rosier view of technology than relationship support practitioners: 62% of practitioners said technology plays a negative role in relationships compared to just 13% of our respondents.

How we can help

If you need help with your relationship, we can provide all kinds of information and support. 

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