The Way We Are Now Cover 2015
Helen Undy, Barbara Bloomfield, Kate Jopling, Laura Marcus, Peter Saddington, Patrick Sholl
1 September 2015

Our 2015 survey of the nation's Relationships, jointly commissioned with Relationships Scotland and Marriage Care, offers a rich and varied insight into the home lives, working lives and sex lives of people across the UK. Following on from our 2014 report, the survey is one of the largest of its kind, representing the views of over 6,000 people and over 450 relationship support practitioners.

It offers a unique perspective on how we conduct our relationships, what makes us happy and unhappy and what the key strains on our relationships are. It also demonstrates the clear links between relationships and areas traditionally considered to fall within the remit of public policy.

The report is accompanied by an infographic of the key relationship statistics.

For more information on the study, visit The Way We Are Now campaign page.

Organisations involved: Relate, Relationships Scotland, Marriage Care