There are many ways that you can help us, to help others. Any help, however small would allow us to reach more people and help them with their relationships. Ways you can help, include volunteering, donating or fundraising.

​As a counselling charity, we are always looking for help and support, in so many ways, including giving your time through volunteering, fundraising, by donating and more! As a not-for-profit charity, we are able to offer a number of limited fully funded sessions, but the number of these we can offer, depends on the resources we have available and the demand for services.

Some of our work, is provided through commissions and grant funding, from charitable donations and from people who use our services. Any help, be it volunteering, donating or fundraising goes a long way and helps us to reach as many people as possible and in helping to make a difference.

Donate directly 

Please consider donating directly to us today either by a one-off donation or by setting up a regular gift here

Start fundraising

Whether it be undertaking a marathon or holding a bake sale, your fundraising goes a long way for our charity. Start fundraising here

Gifts in your Will

You can leave a gift in your Will to your local Relate centre. Please visit National Relates guidance page