Leave a legacy

Families and loved ones always come first when it comes to making a will, but many people also like to remember a charity or cause that is dear to them and make a lasting difference to the lives of others after they are gone. 

Any gift in a will to Relate, however big or small, makes a difference contributing to our vital work with couples, families and individuals of all ages to build healthier relationships.

How to leave a gift

First, work out what you've got. Start by writing down everything you own - including savings, possessions, property - and their approximate value. 

Then note down the names of relatives and friends - people you want to include in your will. Match up the two lists and you're now ready to make an appointment with your solicitor.

Here's a simple checklist to help make this task easier.

The kind of gifts you can leave to Relate

A specific sum of money.

This is called a “Pecuniary Legacy”: If you want to leave a lump sum to Relate, you specify this amount in your will.

A share of your estate.

This is called a "Residuary Legacy": Once you've worked out what you're leaving to family and friends, you can donate a share or all of what's left.

A specific item.

Jewellery, a painting, or any item that you think will be of some value to our work when sold.

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a gift in your will to Relate please email fundraising@relate.org.uk.