Someone using Relate online counselling

If you'd like to talk to someone about a relationship issue but can't make it to a face to face appointment you might like to try our Online Counselling services. We can provide counselling by Webcam, Live Chat or Email.

Webcam counselling

Webcam counselling allows you to talk to a trained Relate counsellor in real-time on a Webcam call. To be able to use our Webcam service you will need an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or PC with Webcam installed. If you have a webcam you can choose to have this switched on or off during your session. 

We recommend that you plan when and where you're going to have your session so that you can have privacy and not be disturbed. 

We can also arrange group Webcam Counselling if  your partner or family group is in multiple locations.

Sessions usually last 50 minutes at a cost of £55 per session.  Please contact us to discuss our charges further.

Live Chat counselling

Live Chat is an instant messaging service between you and a trained Relate counsellor. It allows you to exchange a series of messages with a counsellor in real-time. 

To be able to use our Live Chat service you will need a smartphone, tablet or PC that is conected to the internet. 

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Email Counselling

Our Email Counselling service enables you to work with a Relate counsellor via email over a period of time. You can send an email with your problem to a counsellor and they'll reply to you.

It's like face to face counselling but you can access the email whenever you like. You'll be allocated a fully trained counsellor who will work with you for as long as you need help.

Find out more about email counselling.

Book an appointment 

To find out more about our Live Chat and Webcam counselling services and if they're right for you please call us on 0300 003 2340 or or email us using our booking enquiry form.

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