Relate Counsellor taking a call

If you're experiencing problems in your relationship or in your family and you'd like to talk to someone about what's going on you can speak to a Relate counsellor over the phone. 

What is Telephone Counselling? 

It's just like having a face-to-face counselling session except you’re talking to a trained counsellor over the phone.

You can book a telephone session at a time that suits you. You can talk about any relationship issue you like, everything you say will be confidential.

Telephone Counselling offers all the same benefits as face-to-face counselling but many clients tell us it's more convenient and flexible as they can fit it around other commitments.

We can provide Telephone Counselling to you alone or with your partner or family member(s) in a conference call.

Each session usually lasts around 50 minutes. The standard charge is based on calls to UK landlines (including calls to UK mobiles).

How much does Telephone Counselling cost?

The standard charge for a 50 minute appointment is £55.00 to a single line.  The charge is £70.00 if your would like to have a conference call with one or more people.  Please contact us to discuss our charges further.

Book an appointment

To book a Telephone Counselling appointment call 0300 003 2340 or email us using our booking enquiry form.

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