Domestic abuse children's service in Coventry

Are you a professional working with children and young people age 5-18 years, in Coventry, affected by domestic abuse?

We accept referrals from: 

  • An allocated Social Worker (CP, CIN or LAC)
  • Via Adult DA Services and housing IDVAs for those accessing temporary accommodation, refuge accommodation or sanctuary
  • Any agency where MARAC make recommendations

The Wish Project

The wish project provides the following support to children and young people:

  • Domestic Abuse psycho-educational programme 
  • Individual Counselling
  • Childrens Domestic Abuse Advisor (CHIDVA)

The project also provides to parents:

  • WISE Parent Domestic Abuse parenting webinar (2.5 hours),understanding impact of domestic abuse on children and parenting.
  • You and Me, Mum domestic abuse 10 x week parenting programme

Children and young people's comments

I have started talking to my teacher at school, I wouldn’t tell anyone before, I feel so much better even though it was awkward at first.
I know name calling hurts in your heart and that’s not okay.

Parents comments

I am so grateful for all the work you have done with my child, she loved the sessions and enjoyed the activities and learning.
It’s been a real eye-opener to see how much my child was aware of the situation.

For further information about these services in Coventry, please see the Safe to Talk website.