Sometimes we don’t get it right.

Sometimes we make mistakes or maybe don’t explain things as well as we might have done. If you feel that’s the case, then please tell us straight away or as soon as you can so we sort out whatever’s worrying you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The sooner you let us know something isn’t right, the sooner we look into what’s worrying you.

Whatever you want to tell us, the best place to start is to feedback directly to the relevant service provider. Depending on what’s concerning you, this might be the practitioner, service delivery or operations manager or if you’re one of our students, then the Head of Training. You can write, email or phone and they will do their best to help because we genuinely want to sort things out with you.

Any Relate person supporting you with your complaint will treat you courteously and efficiently and so that we can get to the bottom of things as quickly and as helpfully as possible, we would request that you respond to us in the same way.

For general feedback or for complaints fill out this form.

Whoever you get in touch with (unless it’s resolved straight away, e.g., you’ve discussed your query and feel happy with the outcome so nothing more needed) will acknowledge your enquiry within 48 hours (or 72 hours if it’s at a weekend).

Within fifteen working days of that acknowledgement, you should have had a reply either answering your query, or explaining what we’re doing to follow things up. If for any reason we can’t keep to this time frame, maybe because a key person involved in the concern or complaint is on leave or away sick, we’ll let you know and keep you up to date with what’s happening. Sometimes we might ask to talk with you again to make sure we’ve properly understood what you’re unhappy about.