Our services include Relationship Counselling, Family Counselling, Young person Counselling and Sex Therapy.  We're here to help you make the most of your couple and family relationships, past, present or future.


We are a source of support

We have a network of Relate Centres across the UK and a group of licensed local counsellors that provide face-to-face or web based counselling and support. 

Our relationship help pages offer practical tips, guides and videos to help you manage common relationship issues such as sex, separation and divorce, and parenting. Whatever the issue, we can help.

We are a force for change

We work to champion the importance of relationships in society and in the media. We work with the government to ensure relationship support is kept at the heart of public policy. We carry out research to determine how our relationships are changing and make recommendations on how government policy should respond. 

We are stronger together

We work together with partner organisations to raise national awareness of relationship issues and can offer free counselling through these partners.