Adult Individual Counselling

Adult Individual Counselling offers a caring, confidential and supportive environment in which you can examine problems and think about ways to address them.

What Happens in Adult Individual Counselling?

After making an appointment, you'll be seen by a Relate Counsellor at one of our Centres or via a webcam appointment.

In your first session your counsellor will ask you questions about your relationships and what you hope to get from counselling. They might also ask you about any problems you're experiencing, when they started and what changes you would like to see happen.

If you want to book another session your counsellor will ask you what days, times and locations are best for you and you'll talk about the cost of your counselling.

You might meet only once, or you might meet once a week for an extended period of time. What kind of counselling you receive – and how long counselling continues – all depends on you and what kind of issues you want to address.

What Sort of Issues Can Counselling Help With?

People come to see us for lots of different reasons.

We offer individual counselling to those who want support with their relationships or something else entirely.  Typically this might be for help with things like depression, anxiety, stress, bullying, grief, low self-esteem or a trauma.

Whatever the issue, your counsellor will not judge you and everything you say will be confidential.

Book an Appointment

To find out more about Relationship Counselling, and to arrange an appointment please call us on 01302 380 900 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) or for Salisbury 01722 569 028 (12.00pm to 4.00pm Tuesday - Thursday). Alternatively, you can email our enquiries team at