Help for female perpetrators of domestic abuse

If you are female and have been abusive within a relationship and would like help to change your behaviour, you may find our Time 2 Change programme useful.

What is Time 2 Change?

Time 2 Change is a service to increase the safety of victims of domestic abuse through working with the female perpetrator. The service works with perpetrators in a one-to-one setting.

It is an intervention that includes assessments for suitability, a structured motivational programme and goal setting, and is delivered over a period of up to 20 weeks.  So quite a commitment.

Support sessions are also provided for the partner or ex-partner to ensure a safety plan is implemented and there is a good understanding of the programme itself.

Time 2 Change Logo

How can I access Time 2 Change?

Most importantly you must want to change your behaviour.

All courses are held online via webcam.  Courses are run in the evening.

There is a charge for clients to join the Time 2 Change programme.


What to do next?

Please email for more information or call 01305 897 432 / 07915 037 943