Individual counselling

Individual counselling is available for anyone who wants support with their relationships, or other things like bullying, grief, or low self esteem.

Individual counselling

We offer individual counselling for those who want support – whether that’s with their relationships or something else entirely. Typically people looking for individual counselling might be struggling with things like depression, anxiety, stress, bullying, grief, low-self esteem or a recent or past trauma. Others seek individual counselling as they reach a milestone or transition point in their life, such as changing careers or becoming a parent.

What to expect

The first step would be an initial assessment to ensure that individual counselling is the best help for you. Depending on your Local Centre, your individual counselling might be offered face-to-face, over Zoom, or over the phone. During your time together, your counsellor will seek to understand why you’ve sought counselling and work with you to make things more manageable. Sometimes this might be by helping you manage the issue, such as developing some coping strategies that allow you to work through social anxiety. In other cases, the focus might be on improving your general resilience or wellbeing.

Start the conversation

Start the conversation about individual counselling by contacting your Local Centre.