Annual reports

We are committed to openness and transparency. It is important to us that we are accountable to our staff, volunteers, supporters, and donors. The documents on this page will help you understand what we do, the progress we've made and lessons we've learned.

Gender pay gap

At Relate, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equal work environment for all our employees. As part of this commitment, we are required by the Government to publish our annual gender pay gap information. We see this as a valuable opportunity to be transparent about our progress and to share our ongoing efforts to address any disparities that may exist.

Based on a snapshot taken on April 5th, 2022, our employee distribution across pay quartiles is as follows:


% Male

% Female




Upper Middle



Lower Middle







In terms of our gender pay gap, the data shows:

  • A difference in mean hourly rate of pay of 17.8%
  • A difference in median hourly rate of pay of 8.8%
  • No bonus payments were made

Statement from Aidan Jones, Chief Executive at Relate 

"We recognise the importance of addressing these gaps, and we are taking active steps to improve these figures. We are dedicated to creating a more balanced and supportive workplace for all, and we are proud to share our ongoing efforts in this regard.

Some of the initiatives we've implemented over the past year include implementing equity, diversity and inclusion training programs to help raise awareness among our staff. We've also started the process of analysing job roles and responsibilities to ensure a fair and unbiased approach to assigning pay grades.

We are committed to making progress. Together, we can build a more equitable Relate."