Children's counselling

Children's counselling is available for children between 5-11 and focuses on the wellbeing and experience of your child.

Children’s counselling

Our children’s counselling service is available for children between the ages of five and ten (for older children, check out our young people’s counselling service). Children’s counselling is different to family counselling in the sense that the focus will always be around the wellbeing and experience of your child, even though you or those with parental responsibility for your child may be present. Children’s counselling might be offered to a child struggling with things like stress or anxiety, family change like a parental divorce, or academic pressure. A lot of our children’s counselling takes place in schools.

What to expect

Your child might have been referred to our children’s counselling service through their school or your GP, or perhaps you found out about it through a friend or from our website. However you found us, we’ll always start off with what we call an initial assessment, which is basically how we gather information to find out what’s going on. The assessment will involve a conversation with the child’s parent/those with parental responsibility in the first instance, followed by a conversation with the child. Important matters such as confidentiality and explaining what happens during counselling will form part of the assessment. This assessment might show that we can offer your child the support they need, or it might result in us referring your child elsewhere or offering some counselling to you, if that seems to be more helpful. If we do determine that we can offer support to your child, counselling might be offered face to face or via Zoom.

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