Practitioner support

Our rigorous and multi-faceted approach to achieving the highest clinical quality standards is just one of the things that sets us apart from other counselling providers. We have an extensive quality assurance framework that supports our work with clients. Here’s some information about how we help our practitioners to work as effectively with our clients as possible. 

Clinical supervision

In a professional setting, this type of supervision refers to a regular structured meeting between two or more individuals where one person, known as the supervisor, oversees and guides the work of another person, often referred to as the supervisee. The supervisor, with their more extensive knowledge, training and experience, provides a supportive place for the supervisee to discuss their work, reflect on their practice, and develop their skills and professional competencies. This interaction is not limited to problem-solving or case management because it also promotes personal growth, self-care, and professional development. Our clinical supervisors are professionally trained and qualified with extensive experience of working with Relate clients on a very wide range of complex issues. 

Supervisors are required to monitor progress and to offer help, reflection and advice that enables their supervisee to consider additional ways to support their clients. Our practitioners meet with their supervisors on monthly basis and also have access to them in between supervision sessions if they need to discuss anything urgent that has arisen during their work with their clients. 

Case Supervision Groups 

We also support our practitioners and supervisors with other opportunities for establishing effective work with our clients. All our practitioners attend regular case supervision groups. Each group is facilitated by a clinical supervisor and has between six and twelve practitioners who meet regularly to discuss topics related to their work with clients. This promotes further opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as ensuring that they are fully up to date with everything they need for being as effective as possible with their clients. 

Our National Senior Clinical Team 

We have a National Senior Clinical Team who are responsible for overseeing our quality assurance standards across our federation. They meet regularly with our supervisors and managers to support best practice. We promote, value and maintain a thoroughly consultative approach to our work so that so that our clients can be assured that the very best support, advice and guidance is available to their practitioner at all times.