You will normally be expected to pay a fee to cover the cost of your counselling sessions. Each Relate Centre sets their own charges so to find out the cost of counselling in your area please contact your local Relate

Our network of individual Relate-Licensed Counsellors who work in private practice also set their own fees. When you contact them they will provide you with information about their charges.

You could also try our Email or Telephone Counselling services or you can use our free Live Chat service to talk to a counsellor in real-time about any relationship concerns you have.

If you're a charity, why do you charge?

Relate is a charity and Relate Centres receive limited funding to deliver services and therefore make a charge to cover the cost of delivery. Relate Centres regulalry review their charges and try to keep the cost of counselling as low as possible.

We aim to support everybody who comes to us for help and some Relate Centres may be able to offer reduced rates but you will need to contact your local Relate to find out what payment options they provide.

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