Chat with a counsellor

Need help with the day to day problems that sometimes crop up?  Whether it's work stress, boy problems, challenges with children, or the like -- our counsellors are here to have a chat. Whatever the problem, we're here to listen and support you to find a way forward.

This service costs £45 for 30 minutes and is suitable for individuals only.

Telephone chat with a counsellor

Want to chat with a counsellor over the phone? Schedule a chat with one of our counsellors at a time that suits you.

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This service is really helpful, I was quite surprised at how well a therapist could be so welcoming, warm, engaging, validating and supportive in a 30 minute phone appointment.
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Is this service right for you?

Here are some things you should know about the service before scheduling a chat:

  1. This is a paid service, and costs £45 for 30 minutes. Think you'll need longer? Check out one session therapy.
  2. This service is for individuals only, not couples or families. Relationship counselling can be booked here instead.
  3. This isn't ongoing counselling, just a one-off chat on a specific issue. 
  4. This service is for people in the UK only. You will need to provide a UK number.