Are you ready for a serious relationship?

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This can be a harder question to answer than you might think. We might feel we know when we are or aren’t ready for something, but then sometimes – and especially with relationships – it’s not always so clear. 

You might be asking yourself this question because you’ve got into a bit of a negative pattern with relationships – never quite getting things off the ground – and you want to know if the ‘problem’ is with you.

Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a partner, but have doubts as to whether long-term commitment is right for you right now.

Or perhaps you’ve started a relationship, but aren’t sure it’s actually what you want. 

Really, someone’s ‘readiness’ for a relationship can be defined by so many things, but at its heart, it’s really a question of whether it’s something that you actually want and something you’re prepared to work for.

If you’re feeling confused, the following questions might help you think things over.

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One Session Therapy is a solution focused, one off appointment, which can help you navigate through these feelings, and discuss how to make a big decision like this in your relationship, either in your own time or with further Therapy. 

One Session Therapy equips you with tools to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and work towards understanding eachother, either on your own, or with your partner. 

Ready to move forward and make decisions in your relationships? Book a One Session Therapy session with us to speak with a counsellor at a time that works for you and take the first step in resolving the problem you’re facing. 

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