The best sex toys to take on holiday

Summer is in full swing and we know that many of you are packing your bags for that much-needed holiday. And what’s a getaway without a bit of spicy fun? When you're away, you'll have a lot more time to connect with your partner and yourself, and it's not unusual to have more sex when you're away from your daily routine and ready to embrace your intimacy. Here's how to make your summer getaway even hotter with the best sex toys to take with you!  

Why include sex toys on your packing list? 

Whether you're exploring the world solo, travelling with a partner or even holidaying with friends, embracing your sexual wellness with toys can help you learn what turns you on, boost your self-confidence and really turn up the X-rated R&R. 

While there’s absolutely no pressure to have a sex-centred holiday if that’s not what you or your partner/s want, it can be a fun way to unwind and connect without the stressors of everyday life.

Where are sex toys banned? 

Before we delve in, please remember that there are some countries where sex toys are banned and sometimes even illegal. At the time of writing this article these are: 

  • Thailand 
  • Vietnam  
  • India  
  • Malaysia 
  • Maldives 
  • Saudi Arabia  
  • UAE  

While we all just want to have carefree fun on our holiday, it’s probably not worth having your holiday ruined over a fine or worse! Checking the local rules before travelling is advised.

Partner play 

If you’re travelling with your partner/s, why not add some extra spice to your holiday with these toys? Plus anticipating pleasure increases that lovely chemical called dopamine that makes us feel good; so you might let your partner know that you’ve packed a sexy surprise for them and keep it secret... Here are our top picks:

Handcuffs and restraining toys 

Incorporating some bondage toys into your holiday fun can add a thrilling element of anticipation and control. Handcuffs or silk ties are great starting points whether you’re trying them for the first time or a seasoned pro. They are user-friendly, lightweight, and easy to pack - just remember to agree on safe words and discuss boundaries before delving in, and that goes for all intimate situations!  

Wearable vibrators 

Wearable vibrators like love eggs or vibrating panties can be a great way to build intimacy and spice on your holiday. Some can even be controlled remotely, adding an extra element of surprise and excitement, plus they’re super discreet in your packing.  

Couples Vibrators 

Couples vibrators are designed to be enjoyed together, amplifying the pleasure for all partners. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with options to suit everyone. Some models are even controllable via smartphone apps, bringing tech-savvy playfulness into your romantic getaway. 

Solo fun 

If you’re travelling on your own, or just want to schedule some ‘me time’ during a group holiday, these sex toys can turn up the heat when playing solo. 


A.k.a a solo traveler's best friend. They come in an array of designs, from the classic to the cutting-edge, so you're sure to find one that suits your preferences (and your luggage capacity!) They’re not always the quietest, but newer technologies are the way to go if this is a priority for you. 

Suction dildos 

Hands-free pleasure? Yes please! Suction toys can be attached to a shower wall or hotel mirror and explore an array of positions and cheeky viewpoints for some added fun. 

Cock rings 

Increase the intensity of self-love sessions with stronger erections that last longer. Compact and easy to use, cock rings are a valuable addition to your holiday packing list. 

Discreet toys 

If you’re only bringing hand luggage and want to avoid any blushes at security, check out our top picks: 

Lipstick vibrator 

Literally the epitome of discreet, lipstick vibrators are so subtle they could be stashed in your makeup bag for some sexy self-care while away.  

Inflatable toys 

Potentially one for the more adventurous among us, inflatable toys offer the enjoyment of larger sex toys while easily folding away and being concealed before getting to the hotel room.   

Jewellery with a secret 

From vibrator necklace pendants to secret chastity keys, sex toy jewellery can be a fun little secret to keep on holiday while also looking gorge in all your holiday photos. There are also rings that double up as either vibrators or a sexy stimulator for two. Plus they don’t take up any luggage space as you can wear them while you travel. Win, win.  

Oh, and don’t forget your charger, and if these little helpers are in your carry-on luggage take the batteries out – being red-faced whilst security is rummaging is a tough look to pull off! 

Whether you’re looking to explore new experiences with a partner or getting to know yourself better, we hope this list helps you to normalise sexual wellness - and if you bring your sex toy and never end up using it because you're too busy doing other fun things that's ok too!  

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