How to deal with job anxiety with the rise of AI

As anxiety takes centre stage during Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, we take a look at ways to manage job anxiety surrounding AI and embrace change so that you can make the most of it.

Chat GPT. Midjounrey. Open AI. With the huge boom in AI over the past year, it can feel as though everything changed in the blink of an eye and some people aren’t happy about it. And with it came a whole new stream of technology that we’re expected to integrate in our workflows or risk becoming obsolete. 

Suddenly creative industries are being faced with quicker, shinier AI programmes that can carry out complex creative tasks within a few clicks. And some people aren’t happy about it. As we speak, Hollywood script writers are on strike over fears that the big production companies will undercut their creative genius and turn to Chat GBT to write the bulk of content that’s currently their bread and butter. 

Love it or hate it, AI is increasingly being applied to all aspects of the professional world. So, if we’re feeling anxious about its potential implications, how can we deal with the anxiety around adopting new technology, facing job uncertainty and embrace change as we adapt to this new reality? 

Talk about it with your team 

Talking to your colleagues and line manager about how you’re feeling is key to building a strong support network at work about AI as well as anything else. Letting your team know means they can support you with extra training if you need it and provide reassurance. 

If it’s on your mind, chances are others are also dealing with similar emotions. Having a supportive professional environment can go a long way in reducing feelings of anxiety and fear. 

Create an AI-policy in your workplace 

Lots of workplaces are creating policies around how AI can be used to help you do your job more efficiently. Asking your workplace to put together this structure can be helpful in creating boundaries about how AI is used and help you to understand how it can benefit you.  

Prioritise self-care outside of work 

We often base so much self-worth in our careers that we can feel very lost when we think about that ending or changing. By embracing our life outside of work, we can cultivate a healthier relationship with ourselves where we don’t need to be ‘successful’ to feel worthy. This can help to reduce job anxiety as we can feel confident that even if our roles change because of AI, we can still find satisfaction and be more flexible in the face of change. 

Talk to a professional  

Job anxiety can feel incredibly isolating when dealing with it alone, especially if you feel like you have no control or like you’re being left behind. 

If you’re struggling with this, talking to a trained relationships therapist can help you to understand your feelings and find ways to cope. Our trained counsellors are experts in working with young people and adults from all backgrounds through a 30-minute phone chat or Individual Counselling at your local centre. 

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Disclaimer: This blog was written with the assistance of ChatGPT. It helped create the first draft of the blog, which our human marketing team and senior clinicians then collaborated on to edit, review, upload and promote the content. AI made the task quicker, but our jobs are still very important to do the rest! 

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