Navigating the spooky side of dating

Halloween isn’t the only spooky thing this year... Today’s dating world can be a scary place leaving you feeling more tricked than treated. Let's explore some of these creepy dating trends that might just send a shiver down your spine this halloween. 


Most of us will be all too familiar with the notorious act of ghosting. It's when somebody in your life suddenly ends all contact and vanishes into thin air. No replies, no explanation – just their presence haunting our thoughts as we wonder what happened. 


Soft-ghosting is a milder form of ghosting, when your date doesn't completely disappear but responds with vague, one-word answers or just an ominous "seen" underneath your message. They're there, but not really, leaving you with an unsettling feeling of uncertainty.


So, you've been ghosted, and you've decided to move on. But then, out of the blue, your ghostly date reappears, liking your Instagram photos, leaving you bewildered. It's like they're haunting your social media, reminding you of their presence. 


Zombie-ing is when an old flame, someone you thought was long gone, suddenly re-emerges from the dating graveyard. They message you as if nothing ever happened, resurrecting your old conversations and feelings, leaving you wondering if you're in the middle of a romantic horror movie.


This one is especially creepy. Vulturing is when someone swoops in and takes advantage of your vulnerability right after a breakup. They prey on your emotional distress and try to start a new relationship with you when you're most vulnerable. 

Dating in the modern world can be a real rollercoaster of emotions, but these dating trends remind us to keep our wits about us. Just like on Halloween, when we expect the unexpected, it's important to be aware of these dating tactics and remember that we all deserve respectful and honest connections. So, don't be afraid to set boundaries to protect your inner spirit as you navigate the dating world - and have fun!

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