Should I break up with my partner?

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Should I break up with my partner?

People have been wondering whether they should be in their relationship even since relationships became a thing. So if you’re currently going back and forth over your prospects as a couple, don’t worry: you’re not alone.

This can be such a frustrating thing to experience because, really, it feels like the answer should be obvious. It feels like you should be able to say ‘yes, absolutely’ - or at least ‘no way!’ - at the drop of a hat. Not quite knowing can be a bit of a drag. You go round and round in circles: ‘On the one hand, they’re sweet and kind’, ‘On the other, they have shocking taste in music'. Sometimes, you almost wish someone would just make the decision for you.

The truth is that relationships, as great as they are, are rarely as simple as we would like. There are all kinds of things that can make it hard to come to figure things out. Sometimes, you get on brilliantly in some ways, but not so great in others. Sometimes, everything is perfect except for one big detail. And sometimes, you might feel that things are good - but you’re not sure if they’re good enough.

If you’re sick of banging your head against the wall - and you think your friends might be sick of hearing about it too - maybe our quiz can help. It’ll ask you a series of questions about your relationship and offer some ideas on what your answers might mean.

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