The M-word campaign with Lloyds Bank

We were delighted to support the M-word, a national campaign from Lloyds Bank that encourages people to talk about money. We’re providing expert guidance and support to help people deal with relationship issues caused by money worries. 

In 2019, Lloyds Bank commissioned new YouGov research to support the launch of the M-word campaign; half (50%) of UK adults said that talking about personal money matters is taboo in everyday conversation. 

The Relationship Podcast from Relate: Money Conversations

Money Conversations is a six-episode podcast series, each episode covering a different life stage that often leads to tricky conversations about money. Our experienced counsellors, Simone Bose and Peter Saddington, walk listeners through the issues that can come up and how to tackle them by opening up and talking with loved ones. 

Money conversations, part 1: Buying your first home

In this first episode, Simone and Peter talk about buying your first home, and how this can bring up issues related to the past, the present and the future of your relationship.

Money conversations, part 2: Getting married

In episode 2, we're talking about Getting Married. Peter and Simone discuss the various financial challenges this can present, including issues around planning and paying for your wedding, setting up a joint account and how marriage can change your identity from being two separate individuals to a 'married couple'. 

Money conversations, part 3: Having a baby

In episode 3, we're talking about Having a Baby. Peter and Simone discuss the financial challenges this exciting life stage can present, how these challenges can affect couple relationships, how to access the emotions that can relate to these challenges, and finally give a few practical tips on managing finances around children. 

Money conversations, part 4: The bank of mum and dad

In episode 4, we're talking about The Bank of Mum and Dad - that ever expanding life stage where your children have left home, but still need some degree of financial support. Peter and Simone discuss how the changing context of the financial climate has maintained a need in the current generation of young people for this kind of support, how this need can create challenges in the couple and family relationship, and how to come together as a family to discuss the best way for support to be provided. 

Money conversations, part 5: Planning ahead

In episode 5, we're talking about 'planning ahead'. What does the future mean for you? Peter and Simone discuss reaching that stage of life where you might feel relatively settled and a bit more financially secure. A stage where you might be starting to think about things like savings, pensions and possibly inheritance.

Money conversations, part 6: Retirement and Legacy Planning

In the final episode, we're talking about Retirement and Legacy Planning, that late stage in life, when you stop working and make arrangements for how your money will be spent when you’re gone. 

The Relationship Podcast from Relate: Talking about the M-word

In our first podcast series, Relate Counsellors Dee Holmes and Simone Bose draw on their vast experience with clients at different life stages to identify the tell-tale signs people should look out for when it comes to money affecting relationships, and offer practical guidance for preventing and managing issues. 

Talking about the M-word: part 1

Co-hosts Dee Holmes and Simone Bose talk about how money can be a difficult factor in romantic relationships, right from the start. So, where do different attitudes towards money come from and what do they mean for a relationship? How do you handle a difference in pay when moving in together? Why does money always seem to be at the root of arguments?

Talking about the M-word: part 2

Co-hosts Dee Holmes and Simone Bose talk about money and families. Research consistently shows that parents of children aged five and under face real financial and relationship strain. Whether it’s about taking a pay cut, forking out for childcare or sending your little ones to football lessons, it can be a time of huge financial and relationship pressure. And it doesn’t end there: packing an older child off to college or uni, or to their first home, can come at huge expense, as well as starting new stages in your family’s relationships.

Money is one of the leading causes of stress in relationships and talking about our finances can be a difficult subject - but that’s about to change.

Lloyds Bank and Channel 4 have opened the doors to the Save Well Spend Better hub, a space where partners, friends, siblings, children and parents who have money worries can get help from a handpicked team of experts, including award-winning entrepreneur Bianca Miller Cole, Global Wealth Consultant Ann Wilson, Financial Advisor Emmanuel Asuquo and acclaimed Life Coach Anna Williamson.

Together, the experts help get the couples’ finances and relationships back on track with specialist advice and support.

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