Not 'Just' a Mum

We understand that being a mum can be a transformative experience that often leads to huge changes in our lives and our sense of self. From changes to our bodies and how we spend our time and money to redefining our friendships, romantic relationships and careers, motherhood is about a whole lot more than ‘just’ being a mum!

It's not always easy to navigate these changes alone, and we're here to provide a space for you to reflect on your experiences and find support during these moments.

Not ‘Just’ a Mum is your space to explore your relationship with yourself, your partner/s, friends, family and colleagues as you move through motherhood. It includes self-help articles, personal experiences and tools to support you.

However you’re feeling, we can Relate.


New blog post - How I reclaimed my voice as writer after becoming a mother by Uju Asika

Uju and son Jed

In this blog post, Uju Asika writes about reclaiming her voice as a writer and a mother and how "every mother is a badass" in their own way.

Uju is a multiple award-nominated blogger at Babes About Town and author of Bringing Up Race and the picture book A World for Me and You. She is a proud wife, step-mum to a 20-something and mama to 2 footie-mad teenagers. In her down time, she enjoys TV binges, piling up more books than she can read and dancing in her kitchen. Follow Uju @babesabouttown across social media. 

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