Most of us would agree that falling in love is the most fun part of being a couple. But it takes effort and hard work to keep relationships on the road.

That doesn't sound sexy, does it? But just like forgetting to renew your tax disc or putting off your MOT, the longer you leave things in love, the worse they could get.

That’s why I’ve written a relationship quiz that will help you to give your love life the once over – to find those relationship niggles and get them tuned up before they cause a breakdown.

Take the Relationship MOT

Because whatever the issue you’re trying to avoid, deny, or put off, it will always catch up with you. Isn't it then far easier to pay regular attention to the details of your relationship so that you don't come home one day to discover that it’s fallen apart?

So talk to your partner about worries that are on your mind. Be specific and considerate if there's something challenging you want to raise with them.

Make regular efforts in your relationship. A hug to start the day is worth more than a dozen roses to say sorry.

Make your relationship a priority. It’s so easy after a while to take each other for granted, but this is the very behaviour that can erode even the most loving and loyal of couples. We all like to feel we matter- so make sure that you show each other that you both matter.

And if you forget all the above advice, always keep in mind the basic formula: more compliments than complaints. It works wonders.

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