Counselling skills for the workplace

The counselling skills for the workplace package is a tailored solution designed to empower your employees with the essential tools to thrive in the modern workplace.

In today's world, skills like active listening, curiosity, and showing empathy are crucial for effective leadership, customer satisfaction, and staff retention. Our package is designed to equip your team with invaluable counselling skills that enrich their professional and personal relationships. It will give them the confidence to have difficult conversations and to support each other as colleagues and fellow humans.  It consists of an online counselling skills course and tailored workshops that can be delivered online or face-to-face. 

Why invest in training your workforce in basic counselling skills?

In this era of collaboration and human-centric workplaces, investing in the personal and professional growth of your employees is paramount. The counselling skills for the workplace package stands out as a testament to your commitment to nurturing a vibrant and resilient workforce. Join us to transform the way your team communicates, connects, and excels, within the workplace and beyond. 

What's in the package?

Understanding others: Everyday counseling techniques

This carefully curated online course is the cornerstone of the package. It provides participants with an in-depth exploration of fundamental counselling techniques including active listening, open questions, curiosity, reflexivity, and collaborative goal setting. Employees will watch a series of scenarios that demonstrate how to apply these skills in a work setting. At the end of each topic, there are downloadable resources that include a summary of the learning and practical toolkits. All employees who complete the course will receive a certificate from Relate and can mention the training on their CV and LinkedIn profile.

Practicing everyday counselling techniques: bespoke sessions

Recognising the uniqueness of each industry, working environment, and profession, we also offer bespoke, tailor-made sessions that explore how you can integrate your learnings into your specific organisation. These are designed to complement the online course and facilitate a deeper understanding of how counselling skills can benefit your team and the entire workplace. Our expert facilitators will engage your employees in dynamic discussions and role-place exercises that empower them to apply their newfound skills in real-world scenarios.

Emotional support for employees

Learning counselling skills can transform your relationships and the way you communicate with others inside and outside the workplace. As employees begin this journey of personal growth, they may wish to chat with a therapist about any issues they may be facing that are affecting them in the workplace and at home. We can offer bespoke packages of support such as 30-minute phone chats with one of our experienced relationships and wellbeing therapists or a short course of counselling sessions. We can tailor these packages to suit your needs and budget.

Contact to discuss bespoke offerings.

Why Relate?

Relate, the leading relationship support charity in England and Wales, has been delivering counselling training for over 80 years and is constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of our society. We have experience delivering our counselling skills for the workplace package to a variety of industries and have received excellent feedback. Our background in relationship support gives our course a unique relational edge, recognising the importance of relationships with colleagues, clients, family, and friends in our lives. 

What are the benefits of sending your employees on this course? 

  • Enhanced communication 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Team collaboration 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Improved leadership 
  • Enhanced customer relations 
  • Employee well-being 
  • Inclusion 
  • Talent retention 
  • Adaptability  

Client testimonial

"The training session was really insightful and provided us with simple tools to improve our relationships with our clients and colleagues. We learned how to listen more effectively and how to be more thoughtful and supportive during difficult conversations. The two trainers were very professional and made us feel at ease.  We believe this training is fundamental for everyone working in financial services."

James Saddington, Chief Compliance Officer and MLRO at Tideway