CPCAB Level 6 Diploma in Supervisory Practice

This specialist CPCAB approved training will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to provide individual and group supervision to Relate practitioners as well as to practitioners working in private practice.

The updated and revised content takes a competent academic and practical approach that will support you to deliver the highest professional standards to your support, encouragement, development, and audit of a supervisee’s clinical practice. 

Course content

  1. Block 1 - Theoretical perspectives
  2. Block 2 - Ethics
  3. Block 3 - The self of the counsellor
  4. Block 4 - Professional contexts and responsibilities
  5. Block 5 - Supervising across modalities
  6. Block 6 - Theoretical perspectives part 2


The programme is delivered through a variety of participatory and interactive methods, including lectures, debates, presentations, audio-visual materials, structured skills development and practice, group exercises, skills, and reflective practice, case presentations, peer observations and reflections, and programme group meetings. 

As this is a clinical programme, there is a strong emphasis on practical and experiential work, including personal and professional development groups. 

Also, your supervised placement practice (counselling hours) will allow you to apply your learning and gain valuable experience and confidence from your tutors, supervisor, and peers.  


Assessment is made through a combination of skills practice observation and submission of written assignments. 

The assignments are designed to demonstrate that you have met the learning outcomes and the assessment criteria. All assignments will be marked pass or criteria not met. Anyone who fails to meet the criteria in their first submission will be allowed a second submission. 

The central focus of the assessment process is to encourage and enable you to: 

  • Engage in learning activities/processes commensurate with the academic level of the course. 

  • Engage in the personal evaluation of your own progress using critical reflection on your learning, utilising feedback from peers, supervisors, and tutors. 

  • Assume responsibility for your own learning. 

The assessment breakdown is as follows: 

  • Assignment 1: Reflexive commentary: the supervisory relationship, ethical practice, safeguarding & reflexivity (2,500 words) 
  • Assignment 2:  Readiness to Practice skills assessment and Reflection Assignment (1500 words) 
  • Assignment 3: Case Study Presentation and written case review (3000 words) 
  • Submission of a portfolio 

Each assignment is marked in accordance with Relate standards and policies. 

Supervised placement

The clinical placement consists of 50 supervised hours of practice by the end of the course. Along with the practice hours, you are expected to attend 1.5 hours of supervision per month. 

Entry requirements

You must: 

  • Be aged 19 or over. 

  • Have a Level 5 (or above) Diploma in Counselling (or equivalent). 

  • Have access to a Relate Centre for your clinical placement. 

  • Supporting statement from current Supervisor. 

All successful applicants will be required to have the appropriate DBS (Disclosure Barring Agency) checks as requested by the Relate Centre. 

Applicants are strongly advised to ensure that they have adequate word processing and IT skills, access to a computer and the Internet will also be needed before and throughout this course. All course materials and assignments are accessed and submitted through our learning platform, Learn Relate. 

Personal therapy

Accessing personal therapy is a cornerstone of training as a relationship counsellor. All students are strongly encouraged to have undertaken at least 20 hours of personal therapy before joining the course or to consider doing so whilst in training. 

Course dates

Course code: VIR/SUP/001

Location: Virtual

Start date: 13th September 2024 | End date:  14th September 2025

Start time: 09.30 | End time: 17.00

Application deadline: 23rd August 2024

The course will consists of the following blocks* of training dates:

Block 1: 20/21 September 2024
Block 2: 25/26 October 2024
Block 3: 06/07 December 2024
Block 4: 17/18 January 2025
Block 5: 28 February/01 March 2025
Block 6: 04/05 April 2025

*Please note that you must attend blocks 1, 2, 3 and 5


Course fees

This course costs £2,500. 

Once your place on our course has been secured, you will need to pay. We offer all students two options, either to pay the full amount in one go or by direct debit installments. Course confirmation and materials will not be released until payment has been made. 

How to apply

You will need to secure your place at a Relate Centre before you submit your application. 

To apply please download and complete this application form . 

To prevent any delay in your application being processed, please make sure all the supporting documents are provided. 

Your application will not be processed if it is incomplete. 

Please email your application and supporting documents to training@relate.org.uk