Deciding if you want to try for kids or not

A resource to help couples decide whether they want to try and have children or choose a child-free life instead. £10.

Becoming a parent is, in many ways, a radical change to your identity. You and your partner go from being a couple to a family. You go from being primarily responsible for yourself to responsible for another human being.

This can be an invigorating and life affirming experience - but it can come with a range of challenges too, both for you as individuals and for your relationship.

It's also not something everyone wants to take on. For some, the timing isn't right to make that shift from being a couple to being a family. For others, that radical change to their identity isn't something they ever want to make, for others it won't be possible or will take longer than they hoped.

It's a big decision. And we think it's one worth thinking through together. This resource is designed to help you and your partner do just that. Our team of relationship therapists have crafted over 30 conversation starting questions to help you talk this through, and cover everything from your own families to how you negotiate as a couple.

This product costs £10.

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