Money worries are the top relationship strain

26% of people said money worries caused a strain on their relationships.

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1 in 8 of us have no close friends

There’s increasing recognition of just how much our individual health and wellbeing depend on our social and relational health. Research shows when we’re well-connected with friends and neighbours and benefit from good social networks, we’...

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Family portrait

One in three parents of a child with a learning disability are in distressed relationships

It’s clear that good quality relationships are central to our health and wellbeing. At Relate, we know this directly from our work in the counselling room and online, as well as from the wealth of research evidencing this. Our landmark The...

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Families under pressure at Christmas

Happy families? New research from Relate highlights the pressures on families.

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Man working at desk

One in three people feel pressured to put work before their relationships

New research from Relate highlights the conflict many feel between work and relationships

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Friends arguing about money

Lending to loved ones is on the up. What does this mean for relationships?

Lending to a friend or family member can be a good way to bridge a short gap in income however it means the underlying problem that's causing the debt will not go away.

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Relationships benefit our mental health: join us to campaign for investment in relationship support

Many of us know from our day-to-day lives the impact that relationships can have on our mental health – both good and bad. And at Relate we know from our clinical experience, as well as wider research evidence, that relationships are vital...

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