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Everyone has family arguments at some time. Usually these are easily resolved or blow over, but sometimes they just get worse. If your family is going through a difficult time, Family Counselling can help. 

What is Family Counselling?

Big changes in a family can cause stress for everyone. Divorce or separation doesn’t just affect the adults in a relationship – it can affect the way children view relationships for life.

Long running arguments can cause pain to the whole family, making it difficult or impossible to live under the same roof, and the problems one person may be going through can impact on other family members.

Family Counselling can help everyone to understand how each other is feeling and help you make plans for coping with the changes together.

See the video below where Relate Counsellor Graham explains what Family Counselling is for.

What kinds of issues can Family Counselling help with?

Here are some common concerns familys come to us with: 

  • "My partner's children are with us every other weekend and when they're here, I feel invisible and unheard."
  • "We're separating and want to help the children to say what they feel."
  • "My sister and I haven't spoken since Dad died and now Mum is ill and needs us to sort ourselves out."
  • "I think my partner’s ex is being unreasonable and the children are stuck in the middle."
  • "My mother-in-law can’t accept that I have a say in how we are as a family."
  • "My son has a new wife and she wants me to babysit her children who treat me like I'm a servant.
  • "When I came out to my family, my father stopped talking to me, and now my brother is upset with me and thinks I shouldn't bring my partner to family functions."
  • "We can’t talk to our teenage daughter and she doesn't feel she has to follow our house rules."
  • "We have a child with disabilities and we know our older son feels he doesn't get enough attention."
  • "I'm a carer for my father, and my brother and sister feel I've taken over and hardly speak to me."

What happens in a Family Counselling session?

You can see one of our Family Counsellors individually, as a small group or the whole family together. Everyone who comes along will be encouraged to have their say.

Your counsellor will create a supportive, constructive environment in which family members will have the chance to listen to each other – and be listened to. Everyone is encouraged to take part – and no-one's opinion is given more attention than anyone else's. 

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