Hosting location change for Relate’s Case Management System

During February 2024 Relate are migrating the Case Management System from its current hosting location in the UK to a data centre in Canada. This migration will include all the data present in the system, including that of our Patients. The system is being relocated by the current provider of the platform under a strict set of processes, as part of a formal migration plan. Relate have conducted a full Data Protection Impact Assessment on the migration and the target system security controls. This assessment has concluded that the migration plan is robust and that it contains appropriate levels of control to mitigate any risks to the data being migrated. In addition, the assessment has deemed the technical controls in the target environment as appropriate and robust, and in excess of the current hosing arrangement. Canada is known as an Adequate nation by the EU and UK, meaning they have a data privacy law appropriately similar to the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 for the protection of personal data.

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