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It can feel embarrassing to talk about sex but talking openly about your sex life is the best way to improve it. 

If you feel like your sex life isn't how you'd like it to be or  if you or your partner are experiencing some sexual problems, Sex Therapy can help. 

You can see a sex therapist if you're single, in a relationship, straight, gay, bi or trans. Whatever is worrying you - we can help. 

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapists are trained to help you understand what's happening in your sex life, what you're worried about and what you'd like to see change. 

Watch the video below, in which Relate Counsellor Paula explains what Sex Therapy is.

What sort of issues can Sex Therapy help with?

There are lots of reasons why you might feel like Sex Therapy would be helpful - here are some common concerns clients come to us with: 

  • "Since the birth of our child I've not felt like having sex and my partner feels rejected."
  • "I lose my erection during sex and I now worry about initiating anything. My partner says he thinks I don’t fancy him."
  • "We're trying to start a family and I can’t ejaculate during sex, but I can when I masturbate."
  • "I don’t orgasm during sex and my partner gets upset and now I avoid sex to avoid his reaction."
  • "We have never had penetrative sex although we want to, because when we try, I find it very painful."
  • "I have colon cancer and had to have a bag after surgery. Now I feel disgusting and can’t even think about being sexual which really upsets my wife who says it doesn’t matter to her."
  • "I've always ejaculated very quickly and this stops me having relationships as I dread it becoming sexual."
  • "I have problems getting aroused and don’t enjoy sex."

Our therapists can help with a wide range of issues, including others not listed here. Booking an appointment is the best way to find out what we can do for you.

What happens in a Sex Therapy session?

Your first session is a consultation where your therapist will ask you why you've come to Sex Therapy and what you hope to get out of it. Your therapist will be supportive and non-judgemental so you can be open about what is worrying you and everything you say is completely confidential.

If you're in a relationship, you may talk about whether there are any tensions or communication problems getting in the way. It's best if couples attend together, but you can go on your own if you prefer. 

You and your therapist will decide whether Sex Therapy is the best choice for you and if it is you'll begin to see your therapist regularly. Each time to you meet you'll talk about how you're getting on and your therapist may give you exercises to try at home.

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