Menopause package

Navigating Menopause? Our Menopause Package is crafted to assist you in managing the complexities of this life stage. Gain insights, find balance, and make informed decisions about your wellbeing.

What you get:

  1. Menopause and relationships toolkit: This comprehensive guide is tailored to help you focus on the dynamics of your relationship during menopause and perimenopause. The menopause and relationship toolkit includes a blend of reflection prompts, activities, and quizzes to help you think through self-esteem, vulnerability, communication, intimacy, insecurity, and coping strategies.

  2. Chat with a Counsellor: A crucial 30-minute chat with an experienced Relate counsellor. This conversation aims to support you in managing emotions, setting boundaries, and fostering self-care, all vital aspects of adapting to this stage of life.

  3. Tailored One Session Therapy: A 60-minute session with a certified relationship counsellor, specifically focused on issues related to menopause. This session is an opportunity to explore feelings, understand patterns, and develop coping strategies. It’s a safe space to discuss sensitive issues and seek professional guidance.

Usually priced at £130 when items are accessed individually, this comprehensive package is available for only £117 (10% off) using the link below. Move forward with confidence and the support you need.

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