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Relate has local Centres across the UK. The services each Centre provides varies, because each centre tailors their services - such as couples counselling, sex therapy, and counselling for children and your people - to the needs of their local community

Relate will be expanding our relationship support offer for individuals, couples and families in Norfolk and Waveney under a new NHS Talking Therapies partnership made up of organisations including

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During February 2024 Relate are migrating the Case Management System from its current hosting location in the UK to a data centre in Canada.

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It is often said that feelings of grief come in waves and during the holiday season, a time often synonymous with joy and celebration, the weight of loss can become particularly intense.

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One in five children and young people aged eight to 25 in England had a probable mental health condition in 2023, according to a report published on 21 November.

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"Being a teenager can be a messy experience, if not externally then certainly internally," explains journalist and artist Rosel Jackson Stern, as they reflect on what they would they wish they

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